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Shri Bhairav is a noticeable exporter of ASME SA 193 Grade B16 Fasteners, which are in fact manufactured and supplied in accordance through international and national product standards. We can as well make ASTM A193 Grade B16 Screws as per the special kind of specifications and requirements from our customers. However, in case of custom-size made-up ASTM A193 Grade B16 Nuts, welding is being carried out by experienced and trained human resources. We stick on to all the standards that are set by the markets and thus the cost of ASTM A193 Grade B16 Bolts are according to the budgetary restraints of our clients.

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We are offering as a high standard quality of ASTM A193 Grade B16 Washers which are being used in different industries in pipelines and distribution. Quite easy to install, these ASTM A193 Grade B16 Blind Rivet Screws are abrasive chemical, high in temperature, and resistant corrosion. We are also offering our series of ASTM A193 Grade B16 Eye Bolts in an array of dimensional specifications and dissimilar grades of high nickel alloys.

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ASTM A193 Grade B16 Eye Nuts are manufactured and supplied from high quality standard raw materials, and is greatly demanded by our clients from across the globe. ASTM A193 Grade B16 Split Washers are tested and certified to meet the terms by way of more or less all national and international specifications and standards.

Standard Specification For ASTM A193 Gr B16 Fasteners

Specifications : ASTM A193 / ASME SA193
Length : 3mm to 200mm
Size : 3/6″ to 2″, M3 – M56, Custom Sizes
Form : Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Screw
Types : Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Anchor Fasteners, Stud Bolts, Eye Bolt, Stud, Threaded Rod, Cotter Pin, Socket Screw, Fine Fasteners & Spares, Foundation Fasteners etc

ASTM A193 Grade B16 Raw Material

GradeRaw Material Description
ASTM A193 B16Alloy steel, AISI 4140/4142 quenched and tempered

ASTM A193 Gr B16 Fasteners Available Types

ASTM A193 Gr. B16 Washers
Grade B16 Double Ended Stud
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 SS Structural Bolts Exporter
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 Collated Screw
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 Flat Washers
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 Long Bolts Stockist
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 U Bolts
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 Socket Head Screw
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 Steel Hex Nuts
ASTM A193 Grade B16 Heavy Hex Nuts

ASTM A193 Grade B16 Step Bolt
Grade B16 Spring Washer in India
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 Studs Suppliers
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 Threaded Stud Stockholder
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 Bolts
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 T-Head Bolts Distributors
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 Lag Bolt
Grade B16 Machine Bolt
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 Allen Cap Screw Dimensions
ASTM A193 Gr. B16 Nylon Insert Nuts Price List

Chemical Composition of ASTM A193 Gr B16 Fasteners

C Mn, max P, max S, max Si Cr Mo V Al
0.36 – 0.47 0.45 – 0.70 0.035 max 0.040 max 0.15 – 0.35 0.80 – 1.15 0.50 – 0.65 0.25 – 0.35 0.015 max

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A193 Gr B16 Fasteners

Grade Diameter Tensile Strength, Min Yield Strength, Min Elongation, Min Reduction, Min Hardness, Max
Grade B16 Over M64 to M100 760 MPa 655 MPa 17 % 45 % 321 HBW or 35 HRC
Over M100 to M180 690 MPa 585 MPa 16 % 45 % 321 HBW or 35 HRC

Alloy Steel ASTM A193 Gr B16 Fasteners Inventory

Hexagon Bolts / Set Screws Stud Bolts Hexagon Nuts Socket Cap screws
DIN 931 BS4882 DIN 934 DIN 912
DIN 933 DIN 976 BS 1768 DIN 6912
BS 1768 BS 1769 DIN 7984
UNI 5731 BS 1083 ANSI B18.3
UNI 5739 BS 3692 ISO 4762
ISO 4014 ISO 4032 UNI 5931
ISO 4017 ISO 4033 BS 2470
BS 1769 ANSI B18.2.2 BS 4168
BS 3692
ANSI B18.2.1
Socket & Slotted Set Screws Socket & Slotted Countersunk Screws Studs Washers
DIN 913 DIN 963 DIN 938 DIN 125
DIN 914 DIN 7991 DIN 939 DIN 9021
DIN 915 BS 4168 DIN 2510 BS 4320
DIN 916 BS 1981 BS 4439 BS 3410
DIN 551 BS 483 BS 2693
DIN 553 BS 2470 Spring Washers
DIN 438 DIN 127
BS 4168 BS 4464
BS 1802

Alloy Steel ASTM A193 Gr B16 Fasteners Applications

Application Industries
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Power Plant Industry
  • Refinery Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Pulp & Paper Industry

Countries We Export Alloy Steel ASTM A193 Gr B16 Fasteners

Europe, Kuwait, Bangladesh, UAE, Hong Kong, Poland, Bahrain, Jordan, Nepal, United States, Algeria, Yemen, Spain, Qatar, Ghana, Malaysia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Chile, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, Turkey, Brazil, Iran, Poland, Japan, France, USA, Belgium, Thailand, Estonia, Brazil, Vietnam, China, Chile, Costa Rica, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Congo, Germany, Egypt, Tibet, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, South Korea, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Taiwan, Sweden, Czech Republic, Iraq, Puerto Rico, Austria, Ukraine, Mexico, Pakistan, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Gabon, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Angola, Bhutan, Romania, Indonesia, Ecuador, Canada, Nigeria, Singapore, Argentina, Israel, Venezuela, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Peru, Russia, Switzerland, Libya, Kenya, Macau, New Zealand, Lebanon, Belarus, Mongolia, Croatia, Gambia, Morocco, Slovakia, Australia, Colombia, Norway, Oman, Hungary, Mexico, India, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Serbia, Greece.